Friday Frivolities: Why makeup?

Anyone who’s stepped into a Sephora, Ulta or up to a department store beauty counter knows the allure. The perfect shade of lip gloss. A palette that has enough colors, shimmers and mattes for a complete look. Foundation that can either make you glow, or not depending on your preference.   Nail polish that makes […]

There are rights, and then there are Rights.

Communication Law was one of my favorite classes in my college education. What is free speech? Why does it matter? What counts as free speech? What doesn’t count as free speech? All intriguing questions and all critical to understand. However, people don’t really understand it. Take for example, the recent story about a a video […]

House Hunting is like …

After nearly seven years of apartment dwelling, Mt. Man and I are looking to buy our first home. And according to most knowledgeable sources, we couldn’t have picked more difficult time or location to try and find a place. Dallas is currently enjoying a seller’s market. Which means we have more competition than just other […]

When the answer is “Wait.”

Starbucks and I go way back. I’ve been a “gold card” member since 2011 – even before they had the Starbucks app.  I like ‘em tall (size), hot (duh), and blonde (roast). I love smell of a Starbucks, the displays of bagged coffee beans and branded take-away tumblers (of which I have a few). I love perusing […]

Personality Jumble

Myers Briggs, DISC, introvert vs. extrovert vs. ambivert, the alignment test, right brained/left brained – I love that stuff. It’s classification, it’s mental compartmentalization of complexity. It’s fun. Me, I’m an ambivert. Neither extroverted nor introverted. I value my alone time, but I savor time with people too. And I’m almost split 50/50 on the […]

Super Bowl Ad Analysis

Football is boring. There, I said it. I hate football. To be specific, I hate American football. Soccer, or real football, is awesome and excluded from this conversation. However, just like most red-blooded, patriotic Americans, I look forward to the Super Bowl – only I like the party food and the commercials. This year’s menu included: […]

Dive! Dive! Dive! What’s really behind eating habits & philosophies?

Read this great article from Vox called: How we got so stupid about our diets By the title, I expected it to be an exposé-style story about how we were tricked into becoming grain and sugar addicts, but it wasn’t. It’s a seriously interesting conversation about human’s relationship with food and diets and how, especially in our culture, it’s […]

Truly Happy Monday

Press play on this song, then read: Monday has rolled around again there’s a host of negative news out there today. But I just want to remind you, that we actually live in a world where miraculous things are happening. In the past 10 years, infant mortality rates have dropped in just about every country […]

Climate-Controlled, Outdoor Cat Run

Real estate can be weird. Mt. Man and I have started the very complex world of house buying. We’re past dipping a toe in – but are not quite ready to dive. We met with our realtor a few days ago to scope out potential properties. Some were great. Some were – the nicest description for […]