Happy Tuesday: Happy is not enough

Dear Pharrell, we need to talk. “I just want to be happy.” “I was so unhappy at that job, so I quit.” “Do whatever makes you happy.” “That guys didn’t make me happy, so we broke up.” “You deserve to be happy.” “She needs to get happy.” How many times have you heard happiness described […]


Ten years ago, Mt. Man and I had a second, or third date at a coffee shop (that no longer exists) in Abilene, Texas, where we attended school. Since ACU had a curfew for freshmen back then of 11:00, I was running a bit close to being late for the first time. I’d been interested in […]

Home Sweet Home

Perhaps the biggest life change of all, Mt. Man and I are now, officially, homeowners. Good grief,that’s awesome to type! The whole house hunting process has been daunting, and a basket of unknowns for us. But thanks in very large part to our family’s recommendation and advice, which lead to our lender and our realtor, […]

Friday Frivolities: Why makeup?

Anyone who’s stepped into a Sephora, Ulta or up to a department store beauty counter knows the allure. The perfect shade of lip gloss. A palette that has enough colors, shimmers and mattes for a complete look. Foundation that can either make you glow, or not depending on your preference.   Nail polish that makes […]

There are rights, and then there are Rights.

Communication Law was one of my favorite classes in my college education. What is free speech? Why does it matter? What counts as free speech? What doesn’t count as free speech? All intriguing questions and all critical to understand. However, people don’t really understand it. Take for example, the recent story about a a video […]

House Hunting is like …

After nearly seven years of apartment dwelling, Mt. Man and I are looking to buy our first home. And according to most knowledgeable sources, we couldn’t have picked more difficult time or location to try and find a place. Dallas is currently enjoying a seller’s market. Which means we have more competition than just other […]

When the answer is “Wait.”

Starbucks and I go way back. I’ve been a “gold card” member since 2011 – even before they had the Starbucks app.  I like ‘em tall (size), hot (duh), and blonde (roast). I love smell of a Starbucks, the displays of bagged coffee beans and branded take-away tumblers (of which I have a few). I love perusing […]

Personality Jumble

Myers Briggs, DISC, introvert vs. extrovert vs. ambivert, the alignment test, right brained/left brained – I love that stuff. It’s classification, it’s mental compartmentalization of complexity. It’s fun. Me, I’m an ambivert. Neither extroverted nor introverted. I value my alone time, but I savor time with people too. And I’m almost split 50/50 on the […]