Genius idea about making laws in 3-2-1…

The Story: Appeals court rejects key part of Obamacare A federal appeals court declared that the government cannot subsidized health insurance premiums through the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) purchased on the primary website (healthcare.gov) according to the letter of the law in the ACA. Quote from FOX: The suit maintained that the language in ObamaCare actually restricts […]


I’ve always wanted a pair of bulletproof bracelets – and they’re coming soon!

The Story: To Serve and Protect – Wearables That Want to Keep Women Safe There a few companies in the wearable tech space that are making bracelets, necklaces and keychains that when activated, alert friends and families of attack victim and the police to the victim’s status and location. My take: This is almost as […]


Video Game Creators Are Evil Overlords. Aren’t They?

The “Story:” An MSNBC Host Said That People Who Make “Call of Duty” Are As Evil As A Drug Trafficking Dictator Backstory – there’s a former dictator in Panama whose likeness is supposedly used in the video game Call of Duty. And this former dictator, Manuel Noriega, is now in prison for murder and other charges. He’s suing the folks at […]

Get this girl a cape and superhero boots

The Story: Cyberbullied rape victim fights back on Twitter with #IAmJada A young girl in Houston named Jada was sexually assaulted and her attacker posted photo evidence on social media. Several stories similar to Jada’s have resulted in the victim’s suicide or complete ostracization from their communities. (Examples: California case another three-part tragedy of rape, cyber bullying and suicide and Rehtaeh […]


Imma ’bout to play this card.

The Story:  L’Oreal Severs Ties With Viral World Cup Model After Crass Hunting Photo Emerges And Cleburne hunter responds to Facebook reactions Posters voice support, disgust Texas Tech Cheerleader Receives “Death Threats” Over Big Game Hunts Two pretty, blonde girls have gone big game hunting and posted pictures of their kills online. And now they’re getting […]


How do you say, “it’s just a joke!” in Korean?

The Stories: 12 Very North Korean Quotes from North Korea’s Letter about Seth Rogen Film North Korea denounces James Franco and Seth Rogen’s Kim Jong Un movie North Korea complains to UN about Seth Rogen comedy The Interview North Korea threatens war over a Seth Rogen movie Seth Rogen and James Franco are starring in […]


What could you do with 99.5 Percent of $3.7 Billion?

The Story: Istook: Flying illegals home would be 99.5 percent cheaper than Obama’s plan There has been approximately 30,000 people (many are reportedly children) illegally sent over the south US boarder in recent weeks; many attribute this to the talks of legislating amnesty for illegal immigrants who’ve come to the US in the past. President Obama’s […]


An argument for GMOs – from a Paleo Geek

The Story: ‘Super’ Banana to Face First Human Trial  Scientists have altered the genetic make up of a banana grown in Uganda and will be testing the efficacy of this food on humans soon. The goal in altering the genetics of the banana is to see if the bananas can be grown to be more […]


The Future is Nigh: Remote controllable birth control

The Story: Bill Gates Helps Invent This Remote-Controlled Birth Control Device For Women Imagine a combination of an IUD and the control patch mixed with a microchip and you’ve got the idea. My take: Did Bill steal my idea?? I’ve always, always wanted this! It just seemed so crazy to me growing up and dealing with […]

Photo credit: Football-wallpapers.com


The Stories: Boko Haram bomb World Cup viewing venue in Nigeria Kenya Massacre: Somali Extremists Targeting Christians Kill Dozens at Resort   Second bombing in Nigeria During World Cup As fans from across the globe gather in mass to watch the World Cup games, some monsters who’ve earned the name “terrorist” are taking it as an opportunity for […]


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