Truly Happy Monday

Press play on this song, then read: Monday has rolled around again there’s a host of negative news out there today. But I just want to remind you, that we actually live in a world where miraculous things are happening. In the past 10 years, infant mortality rates have dropped in just about every country […]

Climate-Controlled, Outdoor Cat Run

Real estate can be weird. Mt. Man and I have started the very complex world of house buying. We’re past dipping a toe in – but are not quite ready to dive. We met with our realtor a few days ago to scope out potential properties. Some were great. Some were – the nicest description for […]

The Year of Change

Last year was the “green room” year: 2014 the year of impending change. I thought it was going to be the year of change, and certainly a few things changed – but really it’s about go down this year. I knew it was coming – I knew things were going to be drastically different in […]

Seven Women to Rule The World

This week, I found myself at a conference table with six other women. Collectively we had nearly a century of experience in the field. We discussed important things, got to the root of a problem and were decisive in what needed to be said and done. It was extraordinary. I’ve been privileged in the past […]

Je suis Charlie

Voltaire – a frenchman – is the author of one of my favorite quotes – a defining quote in my political opinions. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire This love of liberty is almost obscene to a great number of […]

Resolutions – New Years or Not

Punctuality should be the eighth Heavenly Virtue, just as tardiness should be the eighth Deadly Sin. I guess you’ll have to call me a sinner today. Mwhahahaaa. But on your typical day, when it comes to punctuality, I’m a Saint. I loathe lateness. Today however, is not your typical day. It’s a Wednesday on which I […]

This lion might be my spirit animal

Cozy covers. Freshly brewed and poured coffee. Just snapped bar of chocolate. And apparently leftover Christmas trees. This lion savors and revels in what he loves – which is apparently an old Christmas tree. Watch and say “awww.” This is pretty much when I look like when I’m going to bed and get to snuggle in […]

Polished Delta

Why do you come to my site? To see what I think? To get my opinion? To support me? What’s more interesting: the news? my personal life? recommended beauty products and books? career advice? I’ve doubted my blog for years. My abilities to influence and create are on the line. My usefulness and contribution to […]

North Korea is a Terrorist

Reverse psychology has always worked on me. You tell me I can’t do something and that means I only want to do it more. And vice versa – if you tell me I must do something, I’ll figure out a way not to do it. Typically this stubbornness is reserved for trivial things: you HAVE […]