The World According to OG

Men are pigs and women are crazy. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Try it; it’ll put hair on your chest. I wouldn’t wear that to a worm wrestle. (Pronounced wr-ah-sle) Did you do your best? That’s all I can ask of you. Any man who won’t buy you a diamond doesn’t […]

Best Burger & Fries in DFW Mission

Burgers and fries are beyond comfort food. They are ambrosia. They are mana from heaven – or more accurately, they were quail burgers with mana french fries that God served the Hebrews in the desert for 40 years, seriously – what was their problem?  Burgers and fries are my all-time favorite food. So, I’m on a mission […]

How to Buy Flowers for a Woman

Peonies, Orchids, Dahlias and Gardenias. If you ask me those are the best flowers. But I also enjoy Dandelions and the blooms on Mimosa trees. No real shock, but women like flowers. And we like to receive flowers. Lots of dudes don’t get it. I don’t really get it, myself, but I accept it as […]

25 Intentional & Otherwise Lessons From Mommacita

Precocious kid as I was, I have this memory of asking OG what a beautiful woman looked like. He said, “Lynda Carter.” Being around 8 and in the ’90’s I asked, “who??” He said, “you know, Wonder Woman. She does those commercials for contacts now, but when I was a kid, she was a super hero.” […]

Home Lesson: The Virtues of New Construction

To say that we went into purchasing a home on faith is an understatement. As cliche as it is, we just didn’t know how much we didn’t know. And so much of what we thought we knew was totally wrong. The biggest false assumption of mine was that there was no way we could have […]

Perfect Schmerfect

Ever see the movie Black Swan? It’s about this ballerina who, “just want[s] to be perfect.” She’s gunning for the role of the swan in Swan Lake and has to embrace her inner-bad-girl to get the part. It’s a weird movie – and I was giving it the benefit of the doubt until the very […]

Happy Tuesday: Happy is not enough

Dear Pharrell, we need to talk. “I just want to be happy.” “I was so unhappy at that job, so I quit.” “Do whatever makes you happy.” “That guys didn’t make me happy, so we broke up.” “You deserve to be happy.” “She needs to get happy.” How many times have you heard happiness described […]


Ten years ago, Mt. Man and I had a second, or third date at a coffee shop (that no longer exists) in Abilene, Texas, where we attended school. Since ACU had a curfew for freshmen back then of 11:00, I was running a bit close to being late for the first time. I’d been interested in […]