When the answer is “Wait.”

Starbucks and I go way back. I’ve been a “gold card” member since 2011 – even before they had the Starbucks app.  I like ‘em tall (size), hot (duh), and blonde (roast). I love smell of a Starbucks, the displays of bagged coffee beans and branded take-away tumblers (of which I have a few). I love perusing […]

Personality Jumble

Myers Briggs, DISC, introvert vs. extrovert vs. ambivert, the alignment test, right brained/left brained – I love that stuff. It’s classification, it’s mental compartmentalization of complexity. It’s fun. Me, I’m an ambivert. Neither extroverted nor introverted. I value my alone time, but I savor time with people too. And I’m almost split 50/50 on the […]

Super Bowl Ad Analysis

Football is boring. There, I said it. I hate football. To be specific, I hate American football. Soccer, or real football, is awesome and excluded from this conversation. However, just like most red-blooded, patriotic Americans, I look forward to the Super Bowl – only I like the party food and the commercials. This year’s menu included: […]

Dive! Dive! Dive! What’s really behind eating habits & philosophies?

Read this great article from Vox called: How we got so stupid about our diets By the title, I expected it to be an exposé-style story about how we were tricked into becoming grain and sugar addicts, but it wasn’t. It’s a seriously interesting conversation about human’s relationship with food and diets and how, especially in our culture, it’s […]

Truly Happy Monday

Press play on this song, then read: Monday has rolled around again there’s a host of negative news out there today. But I just want to remind you, that we actually live in a world where miraculous things are happening. In the past 10 years, infant mortality rates have dropped in just about every country […]

Climate-Controlled, Outdoor Cat Run

Real estate can be weird. Mt. Man and I have started the very complex world of house buying. We’re past dipping a toe in – but are not quite ready to dive. We met with our realtor a few days ago to scope out potential properties. Some were great. Some were – the nicest description for […]

The Year of Change

Last year was the “green room” year: 2014 the year of impending change. I thought it was going to be the year of change, and certainly a few things changed – but really it’s about go down this year. I knew it was coming – I knew things were going to be drastically different in […]

Seven Women to Rule The World

This week, I found myself at a conference table with six other women. Collectively we had nearly a century of experience in the field. We discussed important things, got to the root of a problem and were decisive in what needed to be said and done. It was extraordinary. I’ve been privileged in the past […]

Je suis Charlie

Voltaire – a frenchman – is the author of one of my favorite quotes – a defining quote in my political opinions. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire This love of liberty is almost obscene to a great number of […]