You Can’t Buy (or mandate) Class

Oh boy, here we go. The Story: Obama Re-gifts Prayer Beads Blessed By Pope Francis To Nancy Pelosi You won’t see this story in The New York Times, or USA Today. But on some websites that like to cover stories that help form opinions (even if they are opinionated themselves), you may see this story. President Obama recently visited […]

I never thought I’d find a sports related news story that mattered – I was wrong.

Livid. Justified. Okay here goes… The story: UNC Academic Scandal: Whistleblower, Former Athlete Speak Out A whistleblower and former athlete gave an interview detailing the “paper class” system at the University of North Carolina (and mentioned that this happens elsewhere too). Essentially, the student athletes are required to maintain a GPA above a certain level […]


Not News: Gel Nails Reviews

As a self professed girly girl with a penchant for red nails, I suffer from chipped nails. It’s a problem. Chipped nail polish – especially if you favor bold colors – looks sloppy and unprofessional. And, it’s so irritating!!  Recently, I’ve investigated potential solutions to this problem. But I was skeptical because of my history with […]


Presidential Wanna-bes: Check this out.

The Story: Barak Obama and Zach Galifinakis trade insults on “Between Two Ferns” The President of the United States, Barak Obama, participated in a online video interview show called “Between Two Ferns.” Produced and starring, Zach Galifinackis, who is most often known for his roles as a humorous idiot in his movies, Between Two Ferns is a […]


Don’t medicate; hack!

The Story: Brain training and the end of the Prozac generation Thanks to the awesomeness of science, old and new technologies combine forces to address neurological problems that traditional medication don’t target. (Look it’s a really complicated article. Just read it; I’ll wait.) So basically, we’re looking at using technology and data collection about individuals bodies […]


News Induced Rant

Do you ever wake up in the morning, get ready for the day by reading the news headlines and have one of these moments: That was me earlier. I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS. Exhibit A) There’s an 18-year-old brat straight-up suing her parents for what amounts to alimony on top of current tuition for […]


Freedom Matters

The Story: Venezuela and Ukraine are currently experiencing revolution against tyrannical government. (For links read below or go to pretty much any news site.) My Take: I don’t really know anyone who wants to die. My great grandmother was an awesome lady who lived to 97. I remember hearing from her once or twice that she was […]


Smack a label on it

The Story: FDA proposes major calorie, portion-size changes on food labels The FDA announced changes to food nutrition labels for packaged foods. Now they’ll be prioritizing calorie count, fat and carbohydrate percentages and even going so far as highlighting the “bad” ingredients with the heading of “Avoid too much of:.” There are several iterations of this […]



The Story: Average Obese Women Get Just 1 Hour of Exercise a YEAR!!!* (Punctuation and all caps mine. If I could double under line “YEAR” I would.) In a study to determine a better way to measure true “vigorous” activity, researchers discovered that the average obese woman only manages to have one hour of vigorous exercise […]


The New Old Way to Worship

The Story: “Dinner Church” is News to Us A non-denominational church in NYC has started Dinner Church, or St. Lydia’s. Folks gather together for a meal as a form a worship. They cook, eat and clean together with song and prayer in worship and service to God. My take: Food and faith have always gone […]


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